Change of Location- January Overnight Ride and Upcoming Events

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Hello High Country Snowmobilers,

Happy Holidays!

January Overnight Ride:

I was just notified that the site of our January overnight ride, Electric Mountain Lodge has been sold to a Church group and will not be operating as a snowmobile lodge this winter. They are calling people with reservations, apologizing and re-funding your deposits. I was looking forward to riding there, but don't worry, we will still ride.

September 2014 Update

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Hello High Country Snowmobilers,

I know it's the beginning of September and even though it seems as if summer might be making a return, it's time to start thinking about winter!

We are, getting ready to fire up the snowmobile club, prepare for our annual snowmobile season kickoff party, and making sure we are ready to groom our trails once the snow starts to fly. Here's a list of what we have going on.

March HCSC Update

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Hello High Country Snowmobilers,

Welcome to March! This winter is really starting to fly by for us. Hopefully this snow will stick around and we can continue to ride into May. We have our overnight ride to the Medicine Bow Lodge in Wyoming coming up this weekend. If you'd like to come, but haven't made reservations yet, please contact the Lodge at 1-800-409-5439 for more information and to check availability. It looks like a solid storm is scheduled to hit Northern Colorado and Wyoming on Friday so we should have fantastic conditions for the weekend's rides.

March Events:
• Snowies Weekend -March 7-9th.
• Monthly club meeting on the 11th at Q4U in Frisco, 6pm.
• Monthly day - Location TBD at Tuesday's meeting.

February HCSC Update

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This winter is proving to be the real deal. We have had a tremendous amount of snow since January's club member update. As promised we had a very eventful January. We had a great time on the January club ride at Rabbit Ears. We enjoyed over 4 feet of fresh snow on our way out to Buff Pass from the Ears. Probably the most epic snow for a club ride ever. 

There was a strong turnout for this year's snowmobile Safety Seminar in Frisco. Thanks to Mike at Silverthorne Powersports for putting the event together and to the Summit County Search and Rescue for the presentations. On the 25th of January, we helped out with our annual Wounded Warriors event. This year White Mountain Tours hosted the group.

Spring Creek Trail System

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Spring Creek Trail System

Grooming Status: Groomed
Snowfall: None in the past 48 hours
Last Report: 1/1/2014 10:30 PM

The whole trail system was groomed on Dec 12. The upper and lower shelf roads still have snow on them (12/29), please go light on the gas. There is a new connector trail further in towards the hill climbing area (which connects the upper and lower road). There is a very little section on it that has just been cat tracked packed, but is passable. The club sled has been in the shop which is why we haven't groomed the trail, but will soon. On Dec 24 we received some good snow and on 12/31. Thinking about grooming this week.

Link to Colorado Snowmobile Trail Map

HCSC New Year Update

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Hello High Country Snowmobilers,

This is my last High Country Snowmobile Club update for 2013. I'd like to start off by thanking both the business and family members of the club for their support this past year. The countless hours of volunteer time our members have invested along with their paid memberships have helped make 2013 a banner year for the club.

New forest plan for the San Juan National Forest significantly impacts your motorized usage

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The new forest plan for the San Juan National Forest significantly impacts your motorized usage & CSA's concerns are:

1. Several important riding areas, such as Molas Pass and the Sharkstooth areas, with long histories of snowmobile usage are identified as currently closed despite on-going usage. This is illegal. If the areas are to be closed these impacts must be analyzed and not just have the area identified as already closed in the plan.

2. The Plan designates an additional 83% of the Forest as unsuitable for summer motorized usage and states that routes in these newly unsuitable areas would not be considered for incorporation into the travel system and would be prioritized for decommissioning. This change incorporates unsuitability standards for all wildlife habitat, despite numerous previous decisions that motorized usage of these areas was permissible, such as the Wolverine, Lynx and Grouse. This sets a dangerous precedent for future winter planning.

3. Suitability area boundaries are designed to reduce user conflicts but at no point does the plan discuss the nature of the conflicts or how closing an additional 83% of the Forest will mitigate these concerns. NVUM analysis clearly identifies current management boundaries are highly effective at providing a quality recreational experience to all users.

4. Economic analysis of recreational spending is facially incorrect and incorrectly asserts conclusions are based on NVUM data, which is simply not accurate at all. NVUM analysis asserts all recreational users spend on average $59 per day, while the SJ/TR plan asserts this is $30 per day. The FEIS spending profiles for particular user groups are even more erroneous, as follows.

December Update

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Hello High Country Snowmobilers,

I'd like to welcome our new club members who joined at last month's kick off party. We had a great turn out considering it was dumping. Thanks to the generous donations from club business members, and outside sponsors, we were able to raise $2,000 for the club's grooming program.

It seems winter is finally upon us and with all this recent snow, the riding is fantastic. Hope you have a chance to get out there this weekend and tear it up. If you do go, please check out the current avalanche forecast @ https://avalanche.state.co.us/pub_bc_avo.php?zone_id=2

We have the monthly club meeting coming up next Tuesday December 10th at 6pm in Frisco at Q4U. Hope to see you all there, we will have several things to discuss including our event schedule:

October Update

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Hello High Country Snowmobilers,

Hope everyone had a nice summer and in case you haven't seen the latest weather forecast, Snow is coming!

There are a few things starting to come together for this winter that I wanted to make you aware of.

First off, the club's board has agreed to start up the regular club meeting beginning in October. As you may be aware, the meetings are usually held on the second Tuesday of each month at 6pm, @ Q4U in Frisco. This month's meeting will be on Tuesday the 8th of October, hope to see you there.

Other snowmobile events, the Colorado Snowmobile Expo is being held Saturday and Sunday October 12th and 13th in Denver. New this year, the location will be held at the National Western Complex. Think more parking, more room for the swap meet. I'll be there to attend the quarterly CSA meeting on Saturday.

In club news, we have been approved by the Forest Service for an additional 3 miles of trail grooming at Spring Creek. This winter we will be allowed to groom further out and below Elliot Ridge and cut down thru the meadows and old logging roads to connect to the lower road. This will allow snowmobilers to have an easier access off the ridge in low light or white out conditions. It also lets us make a Figure 8 out of our groomed trails so we can use the snowcat's fuel more efficiently.

We will be planning on a trail work day or two for October. We need to trim a lot of branches on the new trails and perhaps do some other tree maintenance depending on who attends, (USFS?). Ross and I have already made a big dent on the tree and stump removal, but there is always more to do. At this point I have tentatively scheduled one work day for Sunday, October 20th, so get it on your schedule.

At the club meeting we will also be planning for our kickoff party and fundraiser for the 2014 snowmobile season, hope to see you there.

Rich Holcroft

President, High Country Snowmobile Club